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“Home Wireless Card-Sharing” – Policy and Limitations - Read carefully!
The Home Wireless Card-Sharing solution is new solution to share your original Smartcard between more TV-Sets.
This solution is officially supported by providers (please check provider’s list) and is restricted to the authorized providers.

Home Wireless Card-Sharing limitations:

The “Home Wireless Card-Sharing” solution is valid only for the provider that has agreed to the "Home Wireless Card-Sharing Agreement"

The  “Home Wireless Card-Sharing” solution is valid only for private indoor usage and is valid only for the legitimate subscriber and cannot be extended to third parties.

i.e. You cannot share your official smartcard (of authorized provider) with your neighbour

The “Home Wireless Card-Sharing” solution is cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

Any misusage of the “Home Wireless Card-Sharing” solution by the end-user may incur a legal prosecution.

Any hardware or software modification made by any party in order to circumvent any electronic countermeasure taken by the manufacturer is strictly forbidden.

The manufacturer cannot be considered responsible for any misusage and/or modification (hardware and/or software) of the CAM or any associated components.

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